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We appreciate everyone's participation and lively discussion surrounding CIRA's board election.
Voting will end today (October 4) at 12:30 at which time the election forum will become inactive.

Nous apprécions la participation de tous·tes et les discussions animées entourant l'élection du conseil de CIRA.
Le vote se terminera aujourd'hui (le 4 octobre) à 12h30, au même moment le forum électoral deviendra inactif.

Forum Forum Questions for candidates / Questions pour les candidat·e·s Are you in favour of establishing a Code of Ethics to which .ca licensees must adhere? Reply To: Are you in favour of establishing a Code of Ethics to which .ca licensees must adhere?

  • David

    September 24, 2023 at 10:33 pm

    Thanks for the provocative policy question.

    Although at first glance, it may seem reasonable to want policies that protect Canadian internet users from unethical behaviour which harms trust using the Internet, this policy idea, as presented, does not warrant the attention of the board.

    My opinion is based on practical considerations. The current CIRA policy process is not robust and will likely produce a policy which either excessively burdens Canadians or a policy which is so weak that it has no meaning towards the goal of building greater trust in the use of a .ca domain name.

    Many CIRA members are aware that CIRA currently relies on a policy process written in 2006. The details can be found here.

    However, CIRA members may not be aware of the more robust policy process work that comes out of the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN). ICANN relies on supporting organizations to work through policy options before bringing well thought policy proposals to the ICANN board. Delegating policy work to non-board level working groups consisting of different stakeholders for later approval at the board level is a good way of balancing board time demands vs creating good policies for Canadians A high level summary of the ICANN policy process can be found here.

    CIRA should consider updating its policy process. If elected, I will bring up the question of whether CIRA’s policy process meets modern standards to the board. Beyond this question about a specific policy, it seems reasonable for us to consider how to improve the policy process to better serve Canadians.