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Forum Forum Candidate promotion / Promotion des candidat·e·s Frank Michlick (member candidate) Reply To: Frank Michlick (member candidate)

  • Frank

    September 28, 2023 at 7:43 am

    Alex, thank you for your question. It would be helpful if you could provide sources and context for your numbers to clarify your questions.

    Some comments for now:

    · Over 50% of domains under management (DUM) are dormant, bought for possible resale.

    I don’t think that domains that are considered dormant are necessarily always bought for resale only. Domains are the virtual real estate of the Internet and buying domains for resale is a legitimate use of domains, so I’m not sure I see a question here.

    · Denic, who operates the ccTLD in Germany (pop 83M), manages 17,533,796 domains with a staff of about 110.

    · Belgium (pop 12 m) manages 1,744,450 domains with a staff of about 35

    · Netherlands (pop 18 M), a world class ccTLD leader, manages 6,304,312 domains.

    · With over 153 million ccTLD domains registered worldwide, Canada – CIRA – does not rank in the top 10!

    The registration of .CA is restricted to Canadian entities and entities having a business interest in Canada. The other ccTLDs do not have restrictions like this, so the comparison is not entirely equal. Keeping the restrictions in mind, I would not expect .CA to rank in the top 10 for domain registrations world wide. If you rank countries by population Canada is far from the top 10 as well.

    That being said, a large part of Canadian business still run on other TLDs, like .COM due to their international clientel and our closeness to the US. CIRA has been running ad campaigns to help promote the .CA TLD and should continue to do so.

    How much staff you need to run a registry does not just depend on the amounts of domains registered.