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Forum Forum Candidate promotion / Promotion des candidat·e·s Frank Michlick (member candidate) Reply To: Frank Michlick (member candidate)

  • Frank

    September 29, 2023 at 2:58 pm

    Some Canadians however object to cyber squatting. For example, I incorporated a company federally and then found out someone had registered that name as a domain and of course wanted to sell it to me for “000’s. Not sure if that is a false economy or not (like buying a lottery ticket which I occasionally do).

    I look at a domain name as “crown land” that I use, as long as I keep renewing year to year. Do you agree with that analogy? Or when Ticket Master – or equivalent buys up all the tickets and then resells them at inflated prices. Somewhat legal, some dodgy if you really want to see Taylor Swift etc.

    I think the lines are pretty clear. Registering domains for investment or resale purposes does not constitute cybersquatting. To fit the definition of cybersquatting, there has to be an infringement of someone else’s rights, like in your example above. In those cases, the CDRP applies and can and is used to resolve those conflicts.

    With the appointed resolution providers for .CA the decisions seem to generally favour the complainant, but that’s a separate problem, that should potentially also be addressed.

    The other point is that your operations – the processing of the ‘DUM’ – is reduced by half because 1/2 the DUMs are not in use.

    If you’re saying that domains not being actively used make a direct difference to the CIRA’s operational cost, I don’t quite see that. The amount of records managed is the same, the only potential difference is that inactive domains may potentially receive fewer DNS queries.

    Finally I would like to know what the marketing costs have been for each of the past 5 years to see if those costs are greater than the revenue. We might be surprised with the answer!

    You can at least find part the information you’re looking for in the Financial Statements on the CIRA website.

    Finally finally, do you have any comments about the other stats which show that CIRA is at the back of the pack when compared to other European ccTLD registries.

    I think I provided the comments in my previous reply – let’s compare apples to apples unless we want to discuss potentially removing the restrictions as to who can register .CAs. I’m not saying we should remove this, but I know people have asked for it in the past.