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We appreciate everyone's participation and lively discussion surrounding CIRA's board election.
Voting will end today (October 4) at 12:30 at which time the election forum will become inactive.

Nous apprécions la participation de tous·tes et les discussions animées entourant l'élection du conseil de CIRA.
Le vote se terminera aujourd'hui (le 4 octobre) à 12h30, au même moment le forum électoral deviendra inactif.

Forum Forum Candidate promotion / Promotion des candidat·e·s Frank Michlick (member candidate) Reply To: Frank Michlick (member candidate)

  • Frank

    October 3, 2023 at 2:12 pm

    Alex, in many of your posts, you mix a lot of different topics, which actually ends up destroying a lot of the discussion. What does the CEO compensation have to do with this topic?

    While you assert that CIRA is well run, is that evidence based or “hope” (aspirational) based? How do you really know?

    I can compare them to the other registries I work with a supplier, they work well, and their systems work well as well. The only complaint is that, on occasion, their support seems to be taking a long time to respond, and I’m not sure if registrar support is actually available on the weekends and/or after-hours.