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We appreciate everyone's participation and lively discussion surrounding CIRA's board election.
Voting will end today (October 4) at 12:30 at which time the election forum will become inactive.

Nous apprécions la participation de tous·tes et les discussions animées entourant l'élection du conseil de CIRA.
Le vote se terminera aujourd'hui (le 4 octobre) à 12h30, au même moment le forum électoral deviendra inactif.

  • Daniel

    October 4, 2023 at 1:26 am

    Hey Alex, you complain that CIRA refused you the membership list.

    Had you signed and sent to CIRA the declaration outlined in the Act in Section 23?

    • Contents of statutory declaration

      (5) The statutory declaration required under subsection (1) or (2) shall

      • (a) state the name and address of the applicant and, if the applicant is a body corporate, its address for service; and

      • (b) state that the list of members or the information contained in the register of members obtained under subsection (1) will not be used except as permitted under subsection (7) or (8).

    • Person making statutory declaration

      (6) If the applicant is a body corporate, the statutory declaration shall be made by a director or officer of the body corporate.

    • Use of information or list by members

      (7) A member or a member’s personal representative who obtains a list of members or information from a register of members under this section shall not use the list or information except in connection with

      • (a) an effort to influence the voting of members;

      • (b) requisitioning a meeting of members; or

      • (c) any other matter relating to the affairs of the corporation.

      • Also, you refused to pay CIRA, although the Act states:

      • On payment of any reasonable fee and on sending to a corporation or its agent or mandatary the statutory declaration referred to in subsection (5)

    The Act makes no mention of paying a third party in lieu of the corporation. Whether $500 is reasonable? For that I would need to hear from CIRA as I find your interpretations and allegations unreliable as a basis for determining fact from fiction.